Israel Archivist's Treaty

Association of Israeli Archivists, Association for Archivists in Small Communities, Association for Archive Managers in Local Authorities will be strong, influential, relevant, progressive and innovative.

Israeli Association for Archives and Information

The Israeli Association for Archives and Information is strong, influential, relevant, progressive and innovative, and is active in promoting archives in Israel out of a responsibility for keeping and saving the documentary state treasures, for the general public and for future generations.

Within the association:
1. Strengthening the association.
2. Developing, empowering and administrating professional knowledge of its members.
3. Strengthening the professional status of the archive.
4. Determining working conditions and status of records managers and archivists.

For the public:
1. Increasing public awareness of the importance of archives, archival matters and archivists.
2. Positioning the archive as a cultural agent in the community.

Realization of the Vision

The association will work for legislation that would allow the achievement of its goals, and continue locating and pooling resources to achieve its objectives.

Association for Archivists in Small Communities

The archives in small communities will keep their past — to strengthen their future.

1. Combine individual archives into one archive network.
2. Foster awareness of preservation and treatment of the "Treasures of the Spirit" found in small communities.
3. Build a regional network of archivist in small communities.
4. Provide consulting archivists.
5. Encourage and assist in establishing regional archives in the regional councils.
6. Representation of small community's archivists in national frameworks, professional committees and national institutions.
7. Promote archiving in small communities through spreading of information in the journals; maintaining the website; holding conferences, seminars and tours.

Organizational Structure
The organization operates under the auspices of regional councils, as part of the Archives Committee, and achieves its goals in cooperation with the Israeli Association for Archives and Information.
Association for Archives Managers in Local Authorities

That each local authority and community in Israel would run an archive by law which will keep all the evidence of their organizational and communal activities, support the proper administration, preserve the collective memory, and give access to information transparently and impartially in accordance with the law, for residents, the general public and for future generations

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