Israeli Declaration on Archive


Archival material stored in Israeli archives is an asset of national and public importance. It is a testimony to, and evidence of, the cultural activities and heritage of all communities in Israel and of the Jewish people.
We therefore undertake:
1. To maintain the integrity of archival material that we are responsible for, and to preserve the original order of the material, the finding aids and the  original way it was used, according to the principle of provenance.
2. To respect the confidentiality (security, commercial and personal) of the depositor and of the people mentioned in the deposited material.
3. To refrain from providing information about research that has come to our knowledge because of our position, and to refrain from making use of research without the researcher's permission.
4. To avoid activities designed to generate personal profit to the detriment of depositors, users and colleagues.
5. To refrain from collecting original documents and dealing in them, if it will entail a conflict of interest.
6. To ensure freedom of research and equal opportunities for all users.
7. To provide the user with the best and most appropriate service based on the belief of the public's right to know.
8. To coordinate the acquisition of documents with colleagues, with the aim of preserving the unique character of every archive.
9. To carry out research on the material in our care, subject to the same rules that we require users to follow.
10. To promote and develop the archival profession and its image, and to prevent unprofessional and unauthorized activities.